Dreams 2.0

The second Dreams event - in collaboration with Durham YFC's 'Connect' event.
What if God didn't just speak to a chosen few but gave each one of us a dream, a hope, a plan, a vision? What if together these dreams made up God's vision for his Kingdom? What if we paired silly, scary, crazy dreams with a big, powerful, loving God? What if?
You've got 5 minutes each. Open mic. A bit of food.

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Rory Cox
Taking care of the poor
Adele Barnett Ward
Honesty with friends
Tom Amos
Church everyone loves
Melissa Gallagher
Gently whisper hope
Pete Gray
Children and young people the church of today
Howard Bray
Street Lights beyond Durham and beyond the church
William Byng
Church full of passion
Luke Steven
The power of love weve described
Dan Soar
A shift in attitude of the western world
Owen Edwards
A suffering church
Andrew Westerman
Being a world changer
Dawn Lacey
A hub of prayer in the city
Nikki Dravers
Joy, wonder and hope
Tim Mayo
Prison fellowship
Help people discover their passion
James Morecroft
A church not afraid to wait upon God
Carol Xiao
To speak my dream
Isla Biggs
No poor among us
Ali Scott
We would love and display the true Jesus
Dan Northover
Get together and disciple the poor
Gregory Marler
Hear and share more praise for God
James Porter
Unity dream of the church
Peter MacLellan
Foodbank witness reaching across the county
Miriam Skinner
Inconvenient and irrational hospitality
Isla Biggs
A Chrisitan old-peoples home in Durham
Kate Mayo
Christians breaking through to others with mental health issues