Who are we?

We are dreamers. We are hopers. We are Pray-ers. We are strategic. We have plans. We are many. We are one. We are no-one in particular. We are losers. We are weirdos. We are the ones no one listens to. We are the quite ones. We are the loud ones. We are the crazy ones. We are less. He is MORE. We are God's plan. We are his hands. We are his mouth. We are royals. We are a priesthood. We are his bride. We are his body. We are Christians, trying to live fully.

Are you?...

This is no one person's dream. This is about God whispering in all our lives, God sharing his Kingdom plan, God sparking ideas, rebuilding ancient ruins, making all things new.

What this is

What is your dream for Durham? What is your hope for Durham? What has God put on your heart for Durham? Or the UK? Or life? Or tomorrow? What have you had burning in you? What do you want to share?

Here is the deal. Let's get together. Let's have some food and then let's share some dreams.

We want YOU to prepare 5mins to share with others. You don't have to be qualified, or a preacher, or anything. Just you.

One microphone, a circle of chairs, 5 minutes.